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We fight traffic tickets in Toronto, the GTA & across Ontario,

We can help you protect your good driving record, avoid car insurance increases, decrease demerit points penalties, save on ticket fines and even avoid jail time.

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For over 20 years TicketSave has offered Traffic Court specialized paralegal services in Toronto, the GTA and across Ontario. We can help you with a variety of traffic tickets and citations, speeding tickets, warrants, driving license suspension, driving with a suspended license, careless and stunt driving charges, and other traffic law offences.

We are a team of professional licensed paralegals headed by TicketSave’s director Sean Leonard O’Connor. Sean has more than 15 years of experience in the field. His excellent track record and professionalism has been utilized by various Toronto Film Production companies.

Our company provides representation for complex cases and appeals in the Ontario Court system under the Provincial Offenses Act. TicketSave is a member of The Law Society of Upper Canada and the Paralegal Society of Ontario.

driver license suspension ontario

Driving License Suspension

Let TicketSave be your representative when it comes to reinstating your license. We offer an expedited license reinstatement service – usually within a week. Trying to handle unpaid fines and driving without a license or suspended license matters on your own can end up costing you more  and potentially hiking your insurance rates.

fight ontario traffic tickets toronto

Traffic Tickets

Fight your traffic tickets with TicketSave’s ticket experts. We are here to take the guesswork out of your traffic  tickets and to help you resolve your case as quickly and professionally as possible. We can help you protect your good driving record, avoid car insurance increases, decrease demerit points penalties, save on ticket fines and even avoid jail time!

speeding ticket ontario lawyer

Speeding Tickets

Let TicketSave fight your speeding tickets in Ontario. Speeding tickets over 15km will have demerit points. Demerit points will lead to driving licence restrictions, or suspensions and possible insurance rate increases. When you pay a speeding ticket it is an admission of guilt with an automatic conviction. There is no chance to present your case. We offer free phone consultations, give us a call to discuss your case.

stunt driving careless driving

Stunt Driving Charges

When an officer has charged you with speeding 50km or more over the posted limit, it is considered “Stunt Driving”. If convicted, the fine range for a 1st offence begins with a minimum of $2,000 and no more than $10,000 and your licence may be suspended for upto 2 years. At TicketSave we have over 15 years of experience in fighting stunt driving offences and we continually upgrade our knowledge base on the changing legal issues.

driving without insurance toronto

Careless Driving Charges

The Highway Traffic Act of Ontario (HTA) describes careless driving as driving on a highway, (street, avenue, and road) without due: CARE, CONTROL, and ATTENTION required by the law, and which demonstrates consideration for other people using the road. If you’re found guilty and convicted in traffic court, your conviction is punishable by a minimum fine of $400.00 and up to a maximum fine of $2,000

parking ticket debt

Parking Ticket Debt

Parking ticket debt is easily accumulated and forgotten about but when the time comes for renewing your Ontario license plate, it is unavoidable not to deal with it. We can reduce your parking ticket fines up to 55% and also work with the court to arrange a payment plan for up to a year. Don’t let your Ontario license plate renewal sticker be denied because of unpaid parking tickets.

small claims court paralegal

Small Claims Court

TicketSave can represent you as the Plaintiff or Defendant in an Ontario Small Claims Court action. We have years of experience and are up-to-date on the latest changes in Small Claims Court procedures.

landlord tenant tribunal

Landlord & Tenant Tribunal

Our licensed Paralegal services and Law practice can help resolve condo owner and condo board complaints, and solve rental landlord and tenant disputes. Our services are efficient and cost-effective.

Suspended Liquor License toronto

AGCO Liquor License

TicketSave Ontario liquor licence paralegals have 15 years of experience in successfully assisting with alcohol licence applications, disputes, Liquor Licence Act violations and liquor license suspensions.

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