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Stunt Driving Ontario Charges

We fight stunt driving in Ontario, Toronto & the GTA

We can help you protect your good driving record, avoid car insurance increases, decrease stunt driving demerit points, save on stunt driving ticket fines and even avoid jail time.

Section 172, of the Highway Traffic Act, states: “No person shall drive a motor vehicle on a highway in a race or contest, while performing a stunt or on a bet or wager.” In simple terms, street racing and stunt driving is prohibited with serious consequences!

Ontario Demerit Points

Careless Driving – Stunt Driving – Racing – Speeding 50km/h or more

  • 6 demerit points
  • Immediate 7 day license suspension
  • Immediate 7 day vehicle impound
  • One year license suspension
  • Minimum fine $2,000
  • Maximum fine $10,000
  • Jail up to 6 months
  • 100% Insurance increase

We Fight Your Stunt Driving Charge

When an Officer has charged you with speeding 50km or more over the posted limit, it is considered “Stunt Driving”. There are a few things that will happen.

  1. The Officer will issue a Summons to appear in court.
  2. The Officer will request you surrender your license.
  3. The Officer will impound the vehicle for up to 7 days and for which you will be required to pay all associated costs.
Did you know?
If convicted, the fine range for a 1st offence begins with a minimum of $2,000 and no more than $10,000,


stunt driving ontario charge

Once the 7 days expire, the license and vehicle can be returned. In addition to the impoundment fee to the vehicle owner, there will be a reinstatement fee for the driver.

A date to appear in court, solely to set a date for trial, will be written on the Summons to Appear by the Officer. You or your legal representatives are required to appear in court. You may choose to appear in court alone, or hire/retain professional representation, like a TicketSave licensed paralegal, to fight on your behalf.

In addition, the court may impose a custodial sentence of up to 6 months of jail. Further, your license may be suspended for up to 2 years, or all three punishments; in addition a subsequent conviction can render a suspended for up to 10 years.

The facts are Stunt driving and Speeding are dangerous and can result in tragedy, massive fines, and/or jail.

At TicketSave we have over 15 years of experience in fighting stunt driving offences and we continually upgrade our knowledge base on the changing legal issues, with approved and sponsored Law Society of Upper Canada courses. Our legal knowledge, trial experience, powerful cross-examine of police and civilian witnesses defends your case effectively. We always have the most recent and relevant case law to present, always on point, and always on time.

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