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Major Traffic Tickets

Why fight a major traffic ticket offence?

We can help you protect your good driving record, avoid car insurance increases, decrease demerit points penalties, save on ticket fines and even avoid jail time.

STOP!  Before you pay that traffic ticket contact TicketSave Paralegals and save your money. A traffic ticket can seriously impact your insurance rates with years of costly increases due to demerit points. Demerit points are issued to drivers for convictions of driving offences.

When you pay that traffic ticket you are making an admission of guilt.  You do not have a trial and you are convicted of that offence with fines and penalties that may make you uninsurable, including license suspension or even jail time.

There are three classifications of traffic tickets.

They are:

  • MINOR Traffic Ticket (an example would be failing to stop)
  • MAJOR Traffic Ticket (an example would be careless driving)
  • SERIOUS Traffic Ticket (an example would be impaired driving)
Did you know?
When you pay that traffic ticket you are making an admission of guilt.


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Your traffic ticket is a notice by law enforcement of an offence that will cause fines or demerit points or both, to you the driver or owner of the automobile. You are given 15 days to respond by either paying the fine in which case you are pleading guilty, or pleading guilty with an explanation or pleading not guilty with a request to set a date for trial. You may chose to represent yourself at trial, which is considered high risk, or you can have representation by experts like TicketSave Paralegals.


Major Traffic Offences in Ontario

Accidents don’t just happen, they are caused. And when the police find the cause, someone is charged with a major traffic offence if not a serious traffic offence leading to a criminal charge. As your paralegal representative, your total defence is our sole interest. We will make every inquiry, examine every piece of evidence and leave no stone unturned.

Your TicketSave Paralegal will make certain our requests for complete disclosure, pretrials, judicial-pretrials, and motions such as a “Stay of Proceedings” under Section 11b of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, for unreasonable delay to trial are appropriately filed and met.  TicketSave Paralegals will vigorously defend your case in every legal way possible.

However, when you have made a serious mistake causing injury and your legal position requires a plea bargain at the appropriate time and place, TicketSave will make certain that every stakeholder is well aware of your remorse, restitution and good intentions so as to ensure the leniency of the court.

In Ontario, a conviction stays on your driving record for 3 years from the date of the conviction, not the date on the ticket. Demerit points are removed after 2 years. A Major Traffic ticket offense will result in a hefty number of demerit points and costly fines.

Major and Serious offences are:

Major Tickets

  • All insurance offences
  • False statement of insurance
  • Failure to follow restrictions in a school zone or improper passing zone
  • Failing to report an accident
  • Failure to report damage to highway property
  • Failing to stop or improper passing at a school bus
  • Operating motor vehicle with no insurance
  • Producing false evidence of licence or insurance
  • Speeding in a construction zone

Serious Tickets

  • Careless or dangerous driving
  • Driving while under suspension
  • Failing to obey police
  • Failing to remain at an accident scene
  • Racing
  • Speeding 50 km over posted speed limit (or set limit in your province)
  • Stunting / Drag racing

These types of offences have a greater likelihood of resulting in injuries or fatalities or other serious consequences. Major Traffic ticket convictions are likely to result in significantly higher insurance rates.

Whether you receive a Major, Minor or Serious traffic ticket, be certain to first call TicketSave Paralegals for advice on how best to deal with it so as to protect your driving record.

TicketSave’s Paralegals are experts in dealing with traffic tickets. They have a proven 15 year track record of solid experience and, they will forthrightly defend your Ontario Driving record and good standing.

We know that when you hold an Ontario Driving License Permit your good standing matters. We understand that when a mistake happens it may result in serious financial and criminal consequences. In addition to serious fines you may be subject to Ontario Driving License suspension and crippling insurance rate increases.

TicketSave Paralegals are licenced and regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada – the professional body that also regulates lawyers. TicketSave Paralegals fees are considerably less and based upon years of experience and expertise they are more cost effective when compared to lawyer fees.

No matter how serious your situation is TicketSave stands up for you. Your problems become our problems.

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