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Traffic Ticket Reopening

Convicted? Reopening a Traffic Ticket Conviction

We can help you protect your good driving record, avoid car insurance increases, decrease demerit points penalties, save on ticket fines and even avoid jail time.

Not your fault? Did you miss the court date and were convicted of an offence? If you have been wrongly convicted of a traffic offence because you did not attend the trial for good reason or, the court office made an error, then you can make application to the court to correct the mistake in order to remove the conviction from your driving record. However, applying for a reopening must be done in fifteen (15) days and involves a strict process.

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The Ontario Provincial Offences Act states;

Where a driver has been convicted due to no fault of their own the driver may apply to the court, within fifteen days of being aware of the conviction to make an application to have the matter Reopened.

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TicketSave gets the results you need. We act immediately to secure your reopening from conviction quickly. We will take care of all forms, paperwork, court appearances and everything else needed to ensure a successful reopening.

We will make the written application, on your behalf, asking the court to remove the conviction and grant a new trial date. The application must be submitted to the same court that issued the original conviction. Once we file your Application to Reopen, we have to wait for a judge to review it and make a decision about whether to reopen the case or not.  A TicketSave Paralegal will give you your best options and recommendations based on years of experience. We might even suggest an appeal as an alternative approach.

Appeals are given thirty (30) days to be filed, whereas a reopening is given fifteen (15) days. In an appeal you are granted a court date immediately, the conviction comes off the driving record, avoiding demerit points, and you and your paralegal are allowed to attend court to explain the situation directly to the judge.

If you have been wrongfully convicted and are facing a fine, demerit points, or worse a license suspension don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation right away.

TicketSave Paralegals are licensed and regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada – the professional body that also regulates lawyers.

Our fees are considerably less than lawyers and based upon years of experience and expertise they are more cost effective when compared to lawyer fees.

No matter how serious your situation is TicketSave stands up for you. Your problems become our problems.

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