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AGCO Liquor Licence

Ontario Liquor Licence Act Applications, Violations, Suspension & Special Occasion

TicketSave Ontario liquor licence paralegals have 15 years of experience in successfully assisting with alcohol licence applications, disputes, Liquor Licence Act violations and liquor license suspensions.

TicketSave provides you with a proven 15 year track record of professional and expert paralegal services to defend your case against:

  • Liquor Licence Act violations
  • Liquor licensee Ontario infractions
  • Troubles stemming from Liquor Control Board Ontario (LCBO) dealings
  • Special occasion licensee situations
  • Failure to comply with liquor license act
  • Other incidents arising from holding a liquor licence or Ontario’s liquor control board.

Our goal is to remove the veil of mystery from Ontario alcohol laws and the Liquor Control Act. We know that especially for bars and restaurants, time is money and we will help resolve your case as quickly, professionally, and ethically as possible. Most liquor licensees act honourably in Ontario so TicketSave does the same to maintain your Ontario liquor licensee act status.

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agco liquor license

Liquor Licence Act Violations & Suspensions – Failure to comply with liquor license act

We understand that mistakes happen. An allegation of a Liquor Licence Act violation may result in serious financial and criminal consequences for both businesses and business owners. Serious penalties range from hefty fines to liquor licence suspensions. At TicketSave we have been successfully defending businesses in the entertainment industry to handle time sensitive infractions and resume business as soon as possible. TicketSave paralegals are licensed and regulated by The Law Society of Upper Canada – the professional body that also regulates lawyers. Our fees are considerably cost effective compared to a lawyer service but our years long experience and expertise provide you with the same level of defense and service.

The Liquor Licence Act outlines rules, regulations, and your obligations in legalese. When charged with failure to comply with the Liquor Licence Act and Ontario drinking laws, Ticketsave’s experience will let you know in plain and simple language what you’re dealing with and what the options are.

Liquor Licence Applications

The liquor license application in Ontario can be lengthy and cumbersome. We will use every legally allowed and necessary option to allow your business to continue serving alcohol in Ontario or defend you against special occasion licensee infractions. Our 15 years of experience lets us deal with these and other liquor permit problems leaving your time free to deal with your clients.

When defending yourself against the AGCO and Liquor Licence Act, when fighting to maintain liquor licensee status in Ontario, and to retain your AGCO privileges, Ticketsave delivers experienced service.

No matter how serious your situation is TicketSave stands up for you. Your problems become our problems. Contact us and learn how you can fight fair when up against the AGCO, Liquor Licence Act, and the LCBO.

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