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Traffic Tickets Extensions

Suspension of Driver’s License due to unpaid traffic tickets

We can help you protect your good driving record, avoid car insurance increases, decrease demerit points penalties, save on ticket fines and even avoid jail time.

We all get traffic tickets and when fines are left unpaid, be it for a few weeks, a few months or even years, your driver’s license remains suspended. The longer you take to contact us, the longer you remain suspended.

You already sense you’re in over your head and you’re looking for someone to intercede. Your problems are our business; we will make your application(s) For Extensions of Time to Pay your debt.

We have helped every client turn around their situation and regain the important freedom of having a driver’s license. We are dedicated to cases where the fines owing are beyond your ability to pay. If you are ready to make the necessary commitments to the privilege of having a license, we are ready to make it happen.

Did you know?
YOU DO NOT NEED TO WAIT TO PAY OFF YOUR TRAFFIC TICKET DEBT. You can have your driver’s license back and continue making payments to your payment plan.


traffic ticket extensions

TicketSave is the leading paralegal service for securing Extensions of Time to Pay. Every Extensions application is individually designed to resolve your debt by securing a payment plan, which is not only rational but also sustainable over the long term.

In addition, we make sure all primary and secondary documentation is relevant and current, which gives the Justice of the Peace the confidence to approve your repayment plan and grant your Application for Extensions of Time to Pay.

And to stop any confusion before it starts, we provide our clients with a personalized Payment History Chart. The Payment History Chart assists our clients to:

  • Stop the confusion before it starts.
  • To know when your next payment is due
  • Clarify individually, each traffic ticket that has been paid
  • The chart gives our clients an easy and substantive solution for storing payment receipts.

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