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Parking Tickets Extensions

Extension of Time to Pay Parking Ticket Fines

We have represented thousands of clients with parking ticket debts from $500 to more than $36,000. No matter the amount you owe, or why, we will secure an Extension of Time to Pay tailored to your needs.

We prepare each case individually with all relevant primary and secondary documentation. We make certain every monthly payment arrangement is not only rational but sustainable.

We also provide our clients with a personalized Payment History Chart. The chart is available to our clients in either excel format or paper hard-copy.


The Payment History Chart helps our clients to:

  • Stop any confusion for our clients before it starts.
  • Easily track how much they have paid.
  • To know when their next payment is due.
  • Clarify individually, each parking ticket that has been paid. In addition, the Payment History Chart is an easy and substantive solution for storing payment receipts.
Did you know?
Your Ontario license plate renewal (sticker) will be denied if you have unpaid parking tickets.


parking ticket repayment plan

Reopening a Parking Tiket

Reopening a parking ticket is equally a difficult task. The Provincial Offenses Act states a request for reopening and striking the conviction shall be granted when: through no fault of the accused and not more than 15 days has passed since the conviction. Yes, that means without TicketSave on your side, you will have to convince the presiding Justice of the Peace you’re not at fault.

When a reopening is granted, each parking ticket can be either sent back for a new trial, or a plea of guilty can be accepted. When the latter is done, the set fine is automatically imposed. It is possible the Justice of the Peace may allow an additional period of time to pay the newly imposed fines.

For example: you requested a reopening for all 40 of your parking tickets, solely to enter a guilty plea to each one.

The following example explains the financial outcome:

You have 40 tickets at the Ministry of Transportation and each of those 40 tickets has increased to $66:
40 tickets x $66 fine = $2640

After the reopening is granted, each $66 ticket is reduced to the original set fine of $30:
40 tickets x $30 fine = $1200

Your savings are exactly $1440, and the Justice of the Peace could allow for an additional period of time to pay.

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