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Liquor License Applications

Liquor License Applications, Renewal & Modifications

We handle all Ontario Liquor License applications efficiently and professionally, including special occasion liquor license, temporary liquor licenses, liquor license renewals and modifications to existing liquor licenses.

TicketSave paralegals have the comprehensive legal knowledge and skills to assist you with your Liquor License application, and will ensure your success when applying for a Liquor Sales License with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario  (AGCO).

A liquor license application can take an unpredictable amount of time that will likely impact your daily business activities. Take away all the demands and uncertainty of making an application for a liquor license and let an expert handle it. TicketSave paralegals are experienced Ontario regulatory paralegals and know how to effectively make AGCO submissions to ensure your liquor license application thoroughly conforms to AGCO requirements so that it is issued in a timely manner. There are many different types of liquor license applications and each one requires direct and accurate response.

Before you decide to undertake your liquor license application call Ticketsave at 416-835-74111 to review your needs. You might be making application for a liquor sales license for the first time, making application for a liquor license renewal, or you may wish to make application for modifications to an existing liquor license because you have expanded your premises. Having your liquor license application handled by a Ticketsave paralegal will ensure that all the necessary steps regarding your application such as zoning, checking with the municipality, submitting municipal information forms, public notice postings, agency letters of approval, compliance letters from the building dept., the fire marshall, and the public health dept. will be done correctly and quickly.

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agco liquor license applications

You can have absolute confidence that your Ticketsave paralegal is an expert in current liquor license application requirements for Temporary Liquor License Extensions for functions or, a liquor sales license for a manufacturing site (“Tied House”) and a manufacturer’s limited liquor sales license (By the Glass) because you are a brewery, winery or distillery whereby the sale is primarily aimed at promoting the manufacturer’s product by providing an ‘Enhanced tourist and educational experience”.

Ticketsave paralegals are strategic. They have a proven track record of success with 15 years of experience. They take the time to understand your business and your liquor license needs. You don’t have to hire an expensive lawyer. Ticketsave paralegal services are your better option. They are certified and governed by the Law Society of Ontario. You can be confident that our paralegals will deal with details of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, (AGCO) liquor license applications, and will represent you in full accordance with its rules of procedure, regulations and obligations.

Ticketsave paralegals know that every business day counts. You don ‘t have to struggle through the maze of procedures alone. Let our expert liquor license paralegals at Ticketsave make sense of the complex regulations under the AGCO (Ontario Liquor License Act) for you.

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