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Parking Tickets Motions & Appeals

Parking Tickets Motions and Appeals – Ontario

In many traffic and parking ticket appeal cases, and for a variety of reasons, TicketSave will file either a “Motion Extending the Time to File an Appeal” or an “Appeal Proper” for our clients.

Some of the reasons for filing a motion and/or appeal applications before the Provincial Offenses Court of Appeal would be:

  1. When the amount of money owed in fines is beyond your ability to pay.
  2. When the total in fines owed is substantively unreasonable to pay.
  3. When clients possess a valid parking permit in the area the tickets were received, yet were unable to park their car.
  4. When someone has stolen your car or license plates.
  5. When fines from parking tickets are received from other criminal acts of impersonation.

In each of the above cases TicketSave seeks a possible resolution in a pre-motion conference with the city prosecutor’s office holding jurisdiction over the parking tickets.

Should the pre-motion conference not resolve the issue, we proceed on to a hearing before the Provincial Offenses Court of Appeal.

Reopening a parking ticket is equally a difficult task. The Provincial Offenses Act states a request for reopening and striking the conviction shall be granted when: through no fault of the accused and not more than 15 days has passed since the conviction.

Yes, that means without TicketSave on your side, you will have to convince the presiding Justice of the Peace you’re not at fault.

Did you know?
Your Ontario license plate renewal (sticker) will be denied if you have unpaid parking tickets.


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