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Suspended Liquor License

Liquor License Suspensions

TicketSave paralegals are experts in fighting the threat of a suspended Liquor License from Liquor License violations, and will resolve your case with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) quickly, efficiently and professionally. We handle all Ontario Liquor License violations, including orders to close, revoke or a liquor license suspension.

TicketSave paralegals are experienced Ontario regulatory offence paralegals and know how to defend your rights. Even if you are facing a suspended liquor License you don’t have to accept orders to close. Allegations of Liquor License violations and Liquor License offenses can be fought and you don’t have to hire expensive Liquor License lawyers to win. Ticketsave paralegal services are your better option. They have a proven track record of success with 15 years of experience.

Whether you are facing allegations of overcapacity or overcrowding, sale or supply liquor to a person under nineteen years of age, person under the age of nineteen behind the bar, permit drunkenness, sales to intoxicated person, failure to show danger to pregnant women signage, hours violations such as service outside prescribed hours, or special permit violations, you can be fully confident that TicketSave paralegals will deal with details of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, License Appeal Tribunal, representing you in full accordance with its rules of procedure, precedence, regulations and obligations.

Don’t handle these allegations alone and risk having a liquor license suspension or closure. Let our expert liquor license paralegals at Ticketsave make sense of the complex regulations under the AGCO (Ontario Liquor License Act) for you.

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Our goal is to forthrightly defend you from allegations that might lead to a suspended Liquor License, monetary fines or closure. We will fight to allow your establishment to continue serving alcohol so that you can resume your business as quickly as possible and your good standing as an Ontario Liquor Permit licensee.

TicketSave paralegals know that when you hold an Ontario Liquor License Permit your good standing matters. Your TicketSave paralegal understands that when a mistake happens any allegation of an Ontario Liquor Permit violation may result in serious financial and legal consequences for you and your businesses. It could result in a suspended liquor license.

TicketSave Liquor License paralegals are like Liquor License lawyers but without the same cost. We are licensed under the Law Society of Ontario. We will defend your business leaving your time free to deal with your customers.

Our paralegals know that every business day counts and the possibilities of a suspended liquor license can be devastating.  If you face a Liquor License Notice of Incident, the note will inform you that the Deputy Registrar of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario is considering the infraction and will contemplate any information you wish to provide in your defence.

Don’t take any chances! Call us at Ticketsave TEL: 416.835.74111. Consult our liquor license paralegals before providing any information to the AGCO Registrar so that you don’t incriminate yourself or limit your chances of a proper defence. We are here to help you.

Alternatively, you may be served by the Registrar with a Notice of Proposal (NOP), or an Order of Monetary Penalty (OMP) These notices will cite allegations of your non-compliance with the LLA (Liquor Licensing Act) Regulations, and give details of the alleged infractions with its proposed penalties. The allegations may not be to your understanding and the proposal may seem unfair.

Let our liquor license paralegal assist you. Contact TicketSave Paralegals right away. TEL: 416.835.74111.  You only have fifteen (15) days to submit a written request for an appeal to the License Appeal Tribunal (LAT). If an Appeal of the NOP or Order of Monetary Penalty  (OMP) is not received within fifteen (15) days the OMP and NOP will be imposed and enforced by the Registrar. The Notice of Proposal (NOP), and Order of Monetary Penalty (OMP) are a legal Order and non-compliance will result in further action being taken against your Liquor License.

TicketSave Paralegals provide you with a proven 15 years track record of professional and expert paralegal services. They understand the maze of regulations under the AGCO (Ontario Liquor License Act), and they will get it done right.

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